With heartfelt appreciation

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With heartfelt appreciation

Post  Bond Chick on Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:50 pm

Even though I've yet to look through the tons of photos I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being so thoughtful. The texts, FB posts/messages, phone calls and emails have been incredible. As much as I could try, you'll never, ever, ever know how much you mean to us.

Str8shooter and I both genuinely thought that even though we would be missing this year, it wouldn't be so bad. We've never been so wrong in all of our lives.

We missed your sorry butts more than we miss our real families! During the week of D-Day, every day leading up to the Big Game found us being that much more wound up and antsy than the day before. We'd be wandering around the house constantly checking the clock, "Well, right now they're probably at Spikes Bar". Checking the watches again, "They're probably having The Grog Ceremony." and so on. It was torture missing the week of just being together with all of you, just camping out, hanging out and being friends.

Game Day was outright miserable. That morning at 10:10, I sent the same text to everyone I had phone numbers for, "PLEASE let us know anything just as soon as you can" We were expecting phone calls maybe Saturday night after the game or more likely Sunday morning. Steven (Str8shooter) said I should have texted "It's 10:10 in the morning, you should have the hill by now."

I then went to work (wearing my sparkly 238th shirt) where I suffered and had a GRAND pity party at my desk. That is, until 2:00 when I received a text from Wheresmy stating the Allieds had won the day and that the game was being reset. The Hill had been taken by around 9:30 that morning ALL BY YOURSELVES. I was shocked, stunned and literally danced in my office chair.

Working in an office where one must be quiet all the time and an explosive D-Day Victory do NOT go together. But wait! There's more! I got another text message. This time from Posey of the 899th. Another dance. ANOTHER text! From SPIKE!!! I stood up and danced. My phone rang and it was Beatle. I literally ran out of the office and into the hallway so I could take the call. Very Happy

Not to be all emotional or get girlie on all of you, but you are so freakin' loved. I love you

If you ever question or wonder what you bring to the game, DON'T. It's enough for all of us that you're there.

For those new to the 1st/238th that we didn't get to meet we sincerely hope you return next year so we can meet you and enjoy the pleasure of your company.

For those old timers that we missed....Good Lord....there just aren't the words to tell you how important you are. The video of the lightsaber raid brought us both to tears.

Bond Chick
Bond Chick

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Re: With heartfelt appreciation

Post  khelms on Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:43 pm


You and Str8 were missed in camp. Between you two not being there and Caveman not being there nobody felt like things were quite right. We had a great time in camp and all the new people in camp brought something new to our camp life but there was still a void that we could not fill. We missed you guys and can not wait for next year to roll around so we have everyone back in camp so things will feel "right" again.

Till next we see eachother be good or atleast your version of "good" Very Happy

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Re: With heartfelt appreciation

Post  SPIKE on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:47 am

You guys were missed more than I can say. If you aren't there next year, we will load up and come get you both. Count on it.....


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Re: With heartfelt appreciation

Post  ballz on Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:41 am

BC and Str8

You've both heard it all from everyone about how you were missed and how we will drag you back next year if we have to. I can't express it any more than has already been done, so I'll save the long winded speeches. Just know that you were always on our minds and in our hearts, and it wasn't right without you.

On a side note BC, you would have been proud of your mini. She went up the hill over a dozen times Saturday, and had several kills. She was nearly heartbroken when we found out you guys weren't going to be there, but she soldiered on and played like a possessed miniature version of you. Steven, I am glad to hear everything went well, and can't tell you how much we pray for you both.


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Re: With heartfelt appreciation

Post  Clampett.238th on Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:36 am

SPIKE wrote:You guys were missed more than I can say. If you aren't there next year, we will load up and come get you both. Count on it.....

What do you mean "if" they better be or else.... lol love you guys Wink

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Re: With heartfelt appreciation

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